On the morning of November 27, 2019, under the guidance of the exclusive butler, Ms. Takimoto, I went to the dedicated waiting room of TWILIGHT EXPRESS on the 15th floor of Hotel Granvia Kyoto in Kyoto Station and participated in the welcome party before departure. . The welcome party invited the 16th-generation pot maker Nishi Kiyomimon of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Ten Masters to give a lecture, and he made the original original iron pot "True Shape Kettle" used in the tea party in the Refine train lounge (Lounge) by himself. Build.

The waiting room with dark green decoration is quite simple. After experiencing the gorgeous and detailed Kyushu Seven Stars and the avant-garde and novel East Japan Four Seasons Island, my mood at the time of departure has changed from the excitement of the past to the calm expectation. Looking, I don't know what else can surprise me from the bottom of my trip?

Modern nostalgia in the early Showa period

The name "Refine" inherits the previous generation of the luxury bed train "TWILIGHT EXPRESS" that traveled between Osaka and Sapporo for 26 years (1989 to 2015), and combines the words "Golden Wind" and the Japanese name "Mizuho Land" , The body also continues the green, logo and decoration style of TWILIGHT EXPRESS. If you have taken TWILIGHT EXPRESS, you may feel that the appearance is very familiar, because Refine, which chooses "tradition" as the key word, inherits the style of the previous generation bed train TWILIGHT EXPRESS. However, the design of the well-known designer of Kyoto Welcome Hotel Uraya also works with industrial design. Master Futian planned together to greatly enhance the exquisite luxury of the interior and exterior. In the Art Deco style popular in the early Showa period, the low-key style created a modern and nostalgic style of high-end restaurants.

It is expected that after cruising the hometown of Japanese mythology and culture in Sanyin and Sanyo, passengers will discover the beauty of Japan and "create new value from homesickness."

The Ruifeng is composed of 10 cars, with the head and tail of the observation car, and has a precious open deck deck area not found in the other two trains. Only 16 rooms in the car are located in cars 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and can carry 30 to 34 passengers in total, including 12 royal suites, 1 accessible suite and 2 single rooms (upper and lower bunks) The form can also accommodate two people). The No. 5 car in the middle is the social car "SALON DE L'OUEST", the No. 6 car is the dining car "DINER PLEIADES" with the same name as the previous generation TWILIGHT EXPRESS, and the No. 7 car is No. 701, the highest level of the whole car that I stayed on this trip Room "The Suite".

The most special in the public space is the bar in the corner of the social car, which is available 24 hours a day. In addition to a high-quality, full-bodied wine list, there are many original cocktails with beautiful names. After dinner, you can sit on a high chair and enjoy the only Mercedes-Benz bar on the track in Japan. There is a specially made tea table next to the bar. On the afternoon of the first day of the trip, there are two teachers of Qianjia (one of the Japanese tea ceremony genres) boarding the tea ceremony, and a Japanese tea party is held in the saloon for all passengers. A violin concert appreciation space after a meal.

The general suite of Refine is the same as Kyushu Seven Stars and Four Seasons Island. There are three rooms in one carriage; the latter two divide the Japanese favorite "No. 7" compartment into two largest and second largest suites; but Refine's The whole car of No. 7 is a top-level suite. In other words, the entire compartment belongs to a room. It is not only unique in Japan, it is also very rare in the world's luxury trains, and it is the only Japanese train suite that can be eaten in the room!

Among the world's known luxury trains, only the Presidential Suite of the Indian Maharaja train also occupies an entire carriage, but it has a double suite and a shared living room design for 4 people. Unlike Ruifeng The Suite is a two-person room ( But it can be added to 4 people), which is the most luxurious and perfect train top suite I have ever lived in.

The entrance is very particular, almost equivalent to the entrance of a general hotel suite. The living room cleverly uses the space under the seat to retain the creativity of the train passage, so that the room 701 can be fully used to the full compartment area, and it will not be passed by other passengers or staff through No. 7 Interference in the carriage. Large windows extending from the wall to the ceiling provide the best view. There is a private window view area and two toilets in the room. The spacious bathroom has a European-style romantic cat-foot bathtub, which is as comfortable as a medium-sized cruise ship. Presidential Suite!

The number of famous arts and crafts in Room 701 is the highest in the car with the No. 5 saloon. Using, admiring or playing famous works will add a lot of fun to the time on the car. My favorite is the "Day" and "Month" of "Golden Studs" created by Morimoto Metal Works in the living room, and the bronze statue of the sculptor Yoshino Yoshino on the handrail of the porch stairs. story).

Dedicated butler and exclusive concert

The honorable experience of The Suite certainly goes beyond appreciation of fine art. During the trip, the housekeeper, Ms. Takamoto, was only responsible for my room. A phone button was on call. There were also more top-level choices for completely free wine in the car. Since the guests of The Suite almost all dine in the room, the two violinists who boarded the train every night will perform a special trip to the room in addition to playing for all passengers in the saloon!

The Refine itinerary focuses on the "Western Japan scenery" of Sanyo (on the Seto Inland Sea) and Sanin (on the Sea of Japan), including four two-day, one-night, one-way walks up and down Sanyo Sanyo, and my three days this time The two-night itinerary has different stops and drop-off points for each route. This trip departs from Kyoto, visits Sanyo Okayama, and travels through the Shimonoseki Pass, Matsue, Tottori Higashi, and then back to Kyoto / Osaka. Although they have been to tourist destinations, Ruifeng will arrange attractions or unique experiences that are usually not public at each station.

For example, in the Michelin Samsung attraction Okayama Korakuen, I entered the "Yanyang Pavilion", which is usually closed to the public, and enjoyed the famous garden from the best perspective of the former Edo lord of the Okayama clan, Ikeda; "The private party enjoyed a close-up view of one of the traditional" Izumo Kagura "repertoires," The Fallen Hachiki Serpent ". The left-handed man's life wrestled with wisdom to take the bridge of the serpent, which was unexpectedly shocking!

The climax of the departure itinerary was at Dongjing Station on the morning of the 3rd day. This unmanned station in the past faces the Pufu coast of Baisha and Bihai. After being designed and modified by master Puyi, it became a bright spot in the Ruifeng route. The ceiling of the open platform is fully mirrored, and the mirror reflection can be photographed at the same time when the train is docked. It is the most special and interesting place to shoot Ruifeng trains throughout. Near the station, the restaurant "AL MARE", which was specially adapted for Refine by the old nursery building, is named after the "Seaside" in Italian. I came here after visiting Tottori Sand Dunes and visiting the Sand Art Museum, while admiring the name of "Sanin Matsushima" Japanese-style seafood Italian lunch on the coast of Urami.

Samsung cuisine and warm meals with local moms

The dishes provided on board the car, please come to Yoshihiro Murata, head chef of Kyoto Sanwa Japanese restaurant "Kinanoi", and supervise Osaka star Western-style cuisine HAJIME chef Yoshida Yada, and 3 chefs led by the chef Mr. Tanaka Hidehiko . Even though I ate too much at every meal, I didn't miss the midnight chrysanthemum hot soup noodles for two nights. The meal that left me most impressed me most was the lunch on the 2nd day at the "Fushino-Muroyama Farm". The lovely members of the local moms association cooked the field dishes "Mom's dishes" for us. Tottori's local grapes are simple, simple, yet delicious!

Traveling from Kyoto to Sanyang and Sanyin before returning to Kyoto, three days and two nights passed by in a blink of an eye. In the afternoon before the end of the trip, I enjoyed the afternoon tea produced by Dessert Master Koyama Jin in my room. I finally had the opportunity to relax and look at the flowing scenery in front of me. The housekeeper, Miss Benben, brought two large booklets and a paper card. Please write down my feelings and feelings for this trip. It turned out that I was the 238th group of guests who have stayed in The Suite since TWILIGHT EXPRESS started operation, and these two volumes are the guestbooks dedicated to this room.

I have read the previous message, and it is full of beautiful dreams, happiness, joy, and gratitude. It describes my mood at the moment, so in addition to "Beautiful train, excellent staff, No.1 train suite in the world!" what?

Of course, the Ruifeng train is not without its shortcomings. In fact, I have already protested seriously against Captain Mori, the Huashan governor, and Ms. Hagimoto-that is, three days and two nights are too short!