The epidemic panic spread, Yongkang business district where tourists from the past gathered. Nowadays, the crowd is sparse, and the famous restaurants Ding Taifeng and Yongkang Beef Noodles, which line up for 1 hour every week, are now ready to be seated.

On January 24, New Year's Eve, Liu Hongxiang, chairman of the Taipei Dongmen Yongkang Commercial District Development Association, accompanied his friend to the National Taiwan University Hospital for an emergency call. At that time, the news of the epidemic had not drowned the public eyes, but Liu Hongxiang found that the entrance to the hospital was full of various disinfection tools. The friend took the X-ray film and the hospital also disinfected the entire X-ray room.

The National Taiwan University's index hospital has deployed the Tian Luo Di Network's epidemic prevention network. "I just vaguely think that things may be big."

That night, he was in the Line group of the association and asked member merchants to make coupons for distribution and promotion? "I told you, you need to move quickly, members immediately agreed, but we are the first business district to issue coupons in this epidemic!" Liu Hongxiang told the reporter of Shangzhou proudly.

The Yongkang business district experienced two crises during the "Dark Decade" caused by SARS and the MRT Xinyi Line. The merchants developed an instinct to reflect the atmosphere of the crisis and immediately respond to the changes. Facing a new wave of crisis this time, they also quickly connected.

In this popular pilgrimage site for tourists, the Association estimates that about 30% of foreign visitors, and the overall performance of the business district in more than 30 billion yuan a year.

However, the panic of the epidemic has spread, and the crowd of people who have been shoulder-to-shoulder in the past is now sparse. Even Ding Taifeng and Yongkang beef noodles, these famous shops that line up for an hour every day, are now ready to take seats.

This ice storm began to strike years later.

The turnover has been falling all the way to May and June.

Gao Shirong, the person in charge of Yipin Ramen and Cut Noodles in Taiwan, said that his sales in January were similar to last year, and there was no abnormality, but on February 1, the weather was not bad, but the sales fell 30%. "After that, it fell all the way down ! "

The popular Internet shop Jiajue Lin Nut Square, half of the turnover comes from tourists, and I am particularly impressed by the sudden drop in tourists. The store manager Sun Bingqin is worried that for their SMEs, it will be okay to support one or two months. If it lasts until May and June, businesses may face a major reshuffle.

The merchants in the business district, unlike large companies, have enough grain to protect themselves from the cold. As long as the loss-making months are prolonged, the cash will be exhausted, the turnover will not work, and even bankruptcy will be closed.

In retrospect, most shops believe that the dark traffic that MRT has excavated for ten years hurt Yongkang business district far more than SARS. At that time, several large stores, such as McDonald's, Wendy's Burger, and Seattle Coffee, all left here. After the opening of the MRT station, crowds of people instantly invaded, and the business and rents soared.

In this outbreak, Liu Hongxiang also believes that the impact will be greater than SARS. Now there are about 200 shops in Yongkang business district, and there are only 50 or 60 shops in SARS. Especially because of the triple jump of rents, shop operating costs have skyrocketed. He was worried that some small stores, such as those run by one person, might not be able to sustain it.

"I give you an example. The rent here is tens of thousands of yuan per ping, and the monthly rent is between 200,000 and 600,000. Like a tea gift box and a gift shop, the monthly rent is more than 600,000. No business for a month, the rent is still paid 1.2 million, and there are a bunch of employees in it. How do you say it will last? "He bluntly said.

Gather more than 100 stores to print coupons to stimulate crowd buying

At the head of the crisis, the Yongkang Commercial Circle Association, which was established more than 8 years ago, played a similar role as an industrial association, connecting businesses that were usually alone and fighting together in group battles.

For example, in joint promotions, Liu Hongxiang asked more than 150 member stores to provide their own discount plans, and then printed them into a stack of coupons, which were provided to travel agencies and restaurants for free to stimulate the willingness of tour members and tenants to visit the Yongkang business district.

Secondly, he said that the performance of the Yongkang business district has fallen by 40%, and the shoppers are unwilling to take unpaid leave, which may cause difficulties in capital turnover. Therefore, in addition to hoping that the government will provide hydropower, tax subsidies or reductions for some time, please also come The Management Science Society, which specializes in coaching enterprises, has a seminar to teach shoppers how to negotiate with banks for working capital loans and how to make use of this crisis to transform.

"We have stores in many business districts, but to be honest, Yongkang business district is really united," Sun Bingqin said.

The storm is coming, but every business in the Yongkang business district interviewed told us that we will not take unpaid leave and coexist with our employees. On the one hand, many of these old and small stores have deep relationships with employees, and the bosses can't open their mouths, and Liu Hongxiang also frankly said that once the news of unpaid leave spreads again, it will make customers come less and hurt business.

"The bad environment is the responsibility of the boss, not the responsibility of the employees. This (outbreak) has nothing to do with the employees, and the employees are innocent!" Sincerely remembering that Vietnam ’s Noodle Restaurant Second Generation Du Ho Fang told us that even during SARS Unpaid leave, again this time.

Without paying unpaid leave, how can businesses cope with frozen performance and idle manpower?

Employees take cooking, language class boss develops new products, new business

Gao Shirong said that he was looking for a catering consultant. "I help employees pay for them and take them to classes. The courses include cost control and cooking training."

He emphasized that people who open small stores like them are very hesitant about costs, but they usually tell employees to turn off the lights and save water. Employees only stare once and do it once, and they don't agree with why they want to save so much. After attending the course of cost control, employees will understand why the boss usually keeps thinking about it. Even if employees go out and set up shop as bosses themselves, these lessons will make them useful.

Ice Monster transferred the manpower of the branch back to the head office to strengthen the training, especially the language. "Our tourist has a high proportion, and employees are now going back to English classes to teach basic conversations, such as May I help you? This simple Greetings should be pronounced more standardly, "said Huang Weide, marketing manager for Ice Monster.

When employees are idle, they can take the opportunity to strengthen their training. When the boss is free, they can spend more time developing new products and new businesses.

For example, the 70-year-old Deng Dandan noodles, the fourth-generation person in charge of Ye Ziqin said that in the past, delivery was hesitant. Because pasta delivery is really difficult to eat, noodles are easy to soften in soup, noodles are separated, and noodles are easy. Sticking together, "While business is not so busy now, my son suggests that we design some meals that will not affect the taste due to delivery."

In addition to researching new dishes, Lao Deng also planned to provide delivery services by himself. "My son said that we have nothing to do in the store. You see me, I see you, it ’s better to go for delivery by yourself, not to be drawn by the delivery platform. "

"We have to take the initiative!" Ye Ziqin emphasized. There are too many unknowns. This must be a long-term war of resistance. If he does not take the initiative, he will be defeated by the environment.

With over 40 years of history, Jue Lin Nut Shop, in addition to proactively providing corporate customers with preferential plans, cultivates the group purchase market of the Enterprise Welfare Committee, and some customers had hoped that they would set up flash counters. Yu Li can do a flash cabinet with a cycle of 3 to 5 days, taking the opportunity to deepen the relationship with customers. "Sun Bingqin said.

In the face of SARS crisis, the noodle booth transformed into a 100 million store

The crisis is a turnaround. Another old store in Yongkang business district remembers that it created a classic case 17 years ago and started the transformation through the SARS period to become a small noodle shop with revenue exceeding 100 million yuan.

In 2001, the founder of Cheng Ji Du Hanchen said that Mu Du Du Fang, who is only 25 years old and was studying in the United Kingdom, returned to Taiwan shortly after management. He gave up his job in a five-star hotel. Encountered a major environmental crisis.

In April and May 2003, during the worst period of SARS epidemic, remembering that the business had fallen to the bottom, Du and Fang saw that there were no customers and took the initiative to ask the manager: "I want to clean the restaurant!" The process and service attitude stay in the mentality of the face-to-face era. When other restaurants are making progress, remembering that they are still standing still, resulting in a period of time, the performance has dropped significantly. But he wanted to reform, but his dad and employees were very negative.

At that time, he took the initiative to take up the chores while the guests were scarce, from cleaning the basement to the corners and corners of the kitchen equipment, the refrigerator, and the dirt that had accumulated over the years. In fact, the employees are looking at it, "One, two, and three people gradually started to feel that although the young man was the boss's son, he was very willing to do things. Everyone's defense gradually came down and he was willing to talk to me. Willing to be with me and slowly identifying with me. "

Due to this, Du Yufang has won the trust of employees, gradually established management standards, and then progressed to the standardization of meal-out processes and time. Then he built a central kitchen, set up a department store, and expanded the delivery business to create today's 100 million yuan in revenue Grades.

In this outbreak, Du and Fang said that because tourists only accounted for 20% to 30% in Chengji, there was no obvious impact, but he planned to strengthen the online sales of frozen food. "If business is shrinking in the store, I'll strengthen the online stuff on social media."

The story of the Yongkang business district, let us see that although there is no strong capital, it has the resilience to not be defeated in the face of previous crises. "Remember, the boss must always have confidence, otherwise the confidence of employees will collapse." Gao Shirong told us, also like cheering for himself and the business district bosses present here.

Tourist pilgrimage site, Yongkang business district output value exceeds 30 billion yuan

● Scope: Covers Yongkang Street, Lishui Street, Jinhua Street, and the intersection of Yongkang Street and Xinyi Road ● Number of merchants: about 200 ● Business district output value: more than 30 billion yuan Tianjin Scallion Crackers, Du Xiaoyue, Gao Ji, Cheng Ji, Yipin, Dongmen Dumpling House, Lao Deng, Yongkang Beef Noodles ● Tourist ratio: 30%

Source: Dongmen Yongkang Commercial District Development Association Sort by: Han Huayu