Why is it broken? !!

Recently, when I visited the garden, I found that the plants that had grown in national colors have recently faded one by one, and the original posture of Saina also seemed to be saggy. Isn't this the best growing season? Besides, I added fertilizers a few days ago, cleaned the ceiling a lot, and introduced more direct sunlight.

I wanted to usher in a season of blooming flowers, but my vision was disappointing. After consulting a gardening expert, and then reviewing every recent movement, I realized that it was my own heart that was anxious.

In order to grasp the drastic morning and evening temperature difference this season, I always rush to the flower room every holiday morning, and I will change the plants one by one, and change the size, size, and pot. I hope they can grow as fast and fast as Superman. strong.

But they have grown bad because of this high expectation.

What I originally knew was that the plants should grow well, and the pots must not be too small, because this would leave the lush root system with no room for growth and entangle each other.

But what I don't know is that an oversized basin will make the roots go straight to the bottom of the basin. The main root is too long and the surrounding root hairs are too late to be laid. When a large amount of water accumulates in the middle and lower layers of soil, the sparse and weak root system cannot be digested, resulting in delayed growth, Plants deform and even rotten roots die.

Now thinking back, I used to see that flower vendors always planted flowers in small three-inch pots in the flower market, and they always felt wasted. Why don't they change the bigger pots so that they can sell more money when they grow up? Especially the orchid in the three-inch small pot, its branches often spread more than two or thirty centimeters, why not change the large pot? It turns out that this makes sense, and a large bowl is not necessarily a good thing.

The small plant is big, reflecting my temperament, and I can't control my own hands. To be more specific, it should be my greed, please hurry up, and in the end I get a rush.

"Step by step", gardening experts always say that this is the basic skill of changing pots. Each pot change can only be one inch longer than the plant. "Big flower big pot, small flower pot, deep pot high flower, shallow pot short flower"; large Natural law, avoid fast and greedy.

From the perspective of changing the basin, I also reflected on my recent manpower dispatch. Although the crisis is the best time to train troops, the Wuhan epidemic is the best time for talent performance, but if the combination of plants and pots is so careful, will I have enough observation and grasp to allow talents Understand the pressure and responsibility to match it? Or did it start too many fronts, so that the talents that had been painstakingly cultivated were promoted by Mi Miao and were improperly damaged?

How precious is talent? I have read a piece of information. After an employee leaves, from finding a new employee to getting started successfully, the replacement cost alone is as high as 150% of the annual salary of the departing employee; this cost will not be shown in the short-term financial report, but it is the operator Management costs that should be valued.

Love flowers and pots, love flowers must consider and choose carefully together; to become a good leader, patient, careful, attentive, and painstaking talent, there is no end to time.